Becoming a Trim Healthy Mama

trim healthy mamaAbout a month ago I was battling a staph infection, feeling lousy, and struggling to get myself back onto a strict low carb diet that I just didn’t really want to embrace. A dear blog friend asked me if I had ever heard of Trim Healthy Mama. I hadn’t. Quite honestly I thought I was going to just brush the comment off, along with thoughtful advice from everyone from my doctor (who thinks everyone should follow Weight Watchers) to my nail tech who tried to sell me a miracle product during my last pedicure! But I love Amy and respect her enough to look into her suggestion before discarding it. 

I went to the Trim Healthy Mama website and began poking around. (They are working on a new improved website that is supposed to be up October 1.) Something about this intrigued me enough to spend almost $20 on the e-book. I downloaded the book onto my Kindle app, joined the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook Support Group, and walked away from my computer. (I was feeling really lousy!)

I crawled into my recliner, with my iPad, and began reading. 

Trim Healthy Mama is not another fad diet and it’s not just another diet book!

Pearl Priscilla and Serene Allison are sisters who grew up in New Zealand but now live in Tennessee. (I think I remember that right.) They grew up with a healthy whole foods lifestyle. As teens/young adults Serene became a dedicated vegetarian while Pearl tended to be more of a junk food junkie. Maturity brought more disciplined food choices and as young adults both were devoted vegans. Very educated vegans! These girls researched everything that crossed their lips! Eventually both of them began to experience extremely ill health even though they were disciplined eaters. (There is a lot more info in the book!) As Christians they came under conviction that they should not be calling food “evil” (anything non-vegan) that God had called good. That led them to start adding meat and dairy back into their diets but you better believe that they researched that too! 

The book is filled to the brim with:

  • directions on what to eat
  • explanations of the science behind those directions
  • guidelines on what God says about food
  • explanations of how to make the plan work if you are a Susie Homemaker type or a Fast & Easy type
  • tons of inspiration
  • even more tons of humor

Honestly … life-changing stuff!

Before I had even finished my first read through of the book (which brought inspiration, knowledge, conviction, laughter and tears) I had ordered the paper copy because I knew that I would want that format. To be honest I LOVE having both because the e-version makes keyword searches super easy. 

I began following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle/eating plan about 2 weeks ago. There is a bit of a learning curve! It’s not hard to grasp. It just takes some getting used to. The Facebook Support Group is a huge blessing and is filled with warm, wonderful, supportive mamas and inspiring stories! 

I’ve lost about 14 pounds so far and have a LONG way to go! I expect there will be bumps and bobbles along the way! But you know what? I’m going to make it! 


Low Carb Breakfast Option – Blueberry Flax Pancakes

low carb breakfastOne of the biggest misconceptions about a low carbohydrate diet is that those who are following it are “not allowed to” eat any carbs. Not true my friends! Not true! Even with a really low carbohydrate limit (my goal is to not exceed 20 net carbs daily), I can, with a little planning and creativity, enjoy a variety of fruits, veggies, and comfort foods! (Total Carbohydrates minus Fiber and Sugar Alcohols equals Net Carbs) While bacon and eggs is certainly a good low carb breakfast choice, one of my favorite low carb breakfasts is these sweet, slightly nutty, flax meal pancakes with blueberries, real butter, and sugar free syrup. So when I sat down to make out my grocery list this week … I made sure these ingredients were on there!

low carb blueberry pancakesThese are so easy to make. Super quick go to on busy mornings! You can add 1 packet of artificial sweetener to the “batter” if you want your pancakes to be a bit sweeter. I don’t find that to be necessary. I have also varied this recipe by using a different type of berry, chopped apples, bananas, nuts, etc. Possibilities are endless! The majority of the net carbs, in this recipe, are from the berries. Without the berries this recipe is approximately 2 net carbs.